Livingstone High School recognises that there have been incidents of fighting at the school recently. Livingstone High School does not condone fighting, bullying, intimidation or any other aggressive conduct. The school is currently investigating these matters and will address this behaviour, including through disciplinary processes where appropriate.

The School’s Code of Conduct aims to establish a disciplined, safe and purposeful school environment, dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of the quality of the learning process. Livingstone High School is committed to this project and takes seriously the need to respond to incidents of aggression.

In September 2018, the Acting Principal and the School Governing Body appointed a special legal advisor who is assisting the school with reviewing and updating its policies. It is also planned that academic and social justice initiatives will be implemented at the school that will assist Livingstone learners to become more socially conscious and dedicated to education and what that can offer for the future. We hope that the new policies will be introduced at the beginning of the 2019 school year, and the new initiatives rolled-out as the year progresses.

Livingstone High School asks for co-operation and patience while the school follows its processes. The school remains committed to building an inclusive and supportive environment, with the support of learners, parents, alumni and the broader Livingstone community.