Poet's Corner

TIME TO FACE REALITY                  



When I look into your  eyes , brown like the chocolate that you love

My soul suddenly cries knowing I will feel no love

Then why do I care ? Why must i stay frozen by your stare                                     

It must be that smile so Pearl like and bright

It keeps me up all night

It might be that love so tender and sweet

Without it I'm incomplete

When I look at you something comes over me ;It's unexplainable

It's like a burst of energy

How can one feel so much for one?

It's that laughter thats so infecious , that made me never feel alone

I woke up today with a big smile on my face

Awaiting to be in your presence again

Why I felt this way ,I still don't know?    

I must be crazy or mad .

But then I snapped back into reality just in time to realise

we will never be together.

I know you doubt my words but there will be no regret

Truth is , I never stopped loving you

I stopped waiting for the day when you would feel the same way for me

I stopped giving it my all

And stopped waiting for you

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    BY MAYFORD MHLAHLO

                                                                                                                                                                                                  GRADE 11




I am writting this about you but don't know if the words may come out right

I'm trying to rhyme but I feel this needs to come straight from the heart

I asked myself, what's a blind man without light ?

For he cannot see but only feel and hear things.

He depends on a stick to lead him on his path

But when you held my hand

I no longer lust for sight because what I felt for you

was here deep inside my heart

And then again I asked ,What's a deaf man without sound?

For he can see and feel things but cannot speak.

He has lost his voice and depends on hand signs to make him understand

But when I was with you I never needed a voice ,

Because words could not explain or even come close to saying how much you meant to me

And then I sat down and asked myself ,What's a chronic disease without a cure?

My disease was hatred and loneliness

But you became my cure and everyday my love grew stronger for you

Then came the question ,What's life without death ?

With you I felt I lived the most amazing life but at the same time ,

I would be faced by a fate we all share which is death

But I looked at this as a gateway to live in eternity with you

Then I asked What's life without you ?

It's not life because I can't imagine my life without YOU