At Livingstone High School, we are committed to providing a quality education based on a strong work ethic that promotes academic excellence, critical thinking and decision-making. We prepare learners to become respectful, informed and responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the development of a just, non-racist, non-sexist democratic society.

The Livingstone Creed


 Equal respect and love for all people of all colours, all  creeds and all nations.

Love for truth, learning, and respect for the scholar and for all the means and instruments of spreading knowledge and culture.

Love for work in all its useful forms and particularly for the work of learning; respect for all those who labour irrespective of whether the work be manual or non-manual.

Respect for the rights of others and especially in regard to facilities provided for the common use and enjoyment of all.

In all things to uphold the dignity of mankind.


The composition of creed was a joint effort in that the ideas were contributed by staff members in the mid 1960’s. Those members were: Messrs Wessels, Dudley, Burch, Hassiem, Banda and Esterhuizen, and Ms Dewes and Ms McArthur. The person who finally drafted the creed was Mr V. Wessels.