Grade 12 Letter 27 May 2020

27 May 2020
Dear Grade 12 Parents and Guardians
Even on Day 61 of South Africa’s lockdown, we are still anxious about the devastating and disruptive impact of Covid 19 in all areas of our lives: our health, economics, education and socialisation.  On Monday 01 June the rest of the country moves to level 3 but there is uncertainty about whether or not Cape Town, a hotspot will move to level 3 or remain at level 4.  What is certain for now, is that schools reopen on Monday 01 June for the Grade 12 students as announced by Minister Motshekga.
As a staff, we have met several times to discuss the way forward. We would like to share with you the decisions we have made:
Academic programme:
1. Each of the Grade 12 classes will be divided into two groups so that social distancing can be maintained.
2. A new timetable will be issued. On Monday to Wednesday there will be 7 periods of 45 minutes each; on Thursday 6 periods of 45 minutes and on Friday 4 periods of 50 minutes.
3. Dismissal times on Monday to Wednesday will be at 14 h 25; on Thursday at 13h40 and on Friday at 12h10.
4. The school will only open at 07h45.   No student will be allowed onto the school premise before this time. All Students enter at Leraar Road entrance and proceed directly to the hall for the screening process (which is outlined in an attachment).  No Students will be permitted to remain at school after the end of the school day.
5. All students must report to school before 08h30 as this is when period 1 begins. Please note that there is no registration period.
Health and safety precautions:
6. It is important to note that if students do not feel well, they should remain at home and not place other students and teachers at risk but parents should inform the class teacher.  Students who fall ill at school should be collected by their parents immediately.
7. All classrooms identified as learning venues have been cleaned before the return of students. 
8. When on the school premises, it is recommended that students:
a. Wash their hands with soap/ sanitise their hands regularly. We recommend that students bring their own sanitizers. 
b. Please Bring Your Own Mask (BYOM) until we receive masks from the WCED.  Wear their compulsory mask at all times. No mask means no entry.
c. Observe social distance.
d. Strategies for managing the movement of students at break time and between classes will be implemented.
e. Bring their own lunch pack as there will be no tuck shop at the school, no deliveries nor will students be allowed to leave the school to fetch lunch.
f. Wear comfortable warm casual clothes. There will be a letter identifying students as bona fide learners at the school. 
9. Adherence to National COVID regulations are a matter of life and death. Learners who do not comply with the COVID protocols will be asked to leave school immediately.
10. Please ensure that your child’s class teacher is informed if there are any changes to your address, email or phone numbers.
11.  Please be assured that we wish every student at our school to receive the best educational support during this unprecedented challenging time. We have thus adopted a multi-modal approach. We will provide lessons in the classroom but teachers have also indicated that they will provide work using whatsapp as a social media platform.
We hope that this letter will allay some of your anxieties about your child’s education and safety.  As a school and as a country, we have overcome many challenges and emerged stronger. We hope that with the cooperation of the entire Livingstone School community, the re-entry to school will be a safe, smooth and efficient one.
Health, safety, peace and prosperity to you and your family.
Livingstone High School Principal, Staff & SGB