The pupils at Livingstone High School were first exposed to marimba’s through the Current Affairs Society meetings. Here the marimba band contributed to the programme of the Joint Cultural Societies.  We want to encourage the pupils to join the Current Affairs and Cultural Societies and work together towards creating the kind of society that is non-sexist, non-racist and equal.

MARIMBA JAM is a vibrant, female-driven company that both performs and teaches Marimbas in Cape Town. MARIMBA JAM originally sprung from an initiative created to share the joy of playing marimbas with learners who had not had the opportunity to do so. In Tyger Valley Centre, on the on the 9 August 2018, South Africa’s Women’s Day, Marimba Jam attempted and successfully broke the Guinness World Record for the Largest Marimba Ensemble. Forming part of the ensemble was our very own Livingstonians namely: Mihanta Ratsimbajaona(12D), Zubeida Sonday(12D), Thaakiera Ackerdien(12D), Christine Cox(11H), Asmaa’ Abrahams(12L), Andrea Cole(12L), Naledi Leento (12) and Musa Mayalo(9A). Not only was this event about breaking a record, but it allowed young girls, privileged and disadvantaged, the opportunity to see what they were capable of and what they could do through African music. This event allowed for the socio-economic barriers that divide the youth in our country to be broken as they worked towards a common goal. The power emanating from the 241 women was certainly noticeable and was the perfect way to celebrate Women’s Day!

Livingstone’s Marimba band, Sticks and Stones, has been part of the Marimba community for 8 months now. The set members are Bianno Sylier(12A), Thaakiera Ackerdien(12D), Mihanta Ratsimbajaona(12D), Ameer September(12D), Christine Cox(11H) and Caleb Cox(10J) making up the smallest band in the whole Marimba community. We invite anybody and everybody to join.

To find out more head over to or find them on facebook , twitter, Instagram or YouTube  @marimbajam