Dear Parents/Guardians


Last term was an exacting one as our students wrote Controlled Tests until the last day of the term. Intervention meetings take place this Tuesday 16 April for Grades 8 and 9 and on Wednesday 17 April for Grades 10 to 12. We trust that you will scrutinise your child’s March Progress Report very carefully. Look at where he/she is under-performing  and  implement intervention strategies as soon as possible.



Mr B. Walters, an alumnus and a previous teacher at Livingstone High School was the  keynote speaker at our 93rd commemoration of Founders’ Day. He is the Head of the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport. He held the audience spellbound and riveted as he passionately unfolded the crucial impact of the Livingstone community in moulding his values and shaping his future.

These are some of the aspects that he learnt at Livingstone: He learnt the value of reading , writing and calculating,  the power of honesty, the necessity for integrity, the need to stand up for what you believe in, the art of debate, the beauty of art, the discipline of sport, the humility of respect. He  learnt that bullying, lies, theft, hatred, unfairness, drugs , violence and  alcohol abuse  have no place in building a modern society with constructive human beings. He learnt about camaraderie , sacrifice, and networks-, that success is just small amounts of effort repeated consistently to a level of excellence.


He acknowledged the stalwart principals – Mr E.C. Roberts, Ms Ray Carlier and Mr RO Dudley who set the platform and fundamentals of holistic education as a basis to beat poverty, degradation, ensure human rights and equality . He acknowledged many  other teachers such as Mr Banda and Mrs Hendricks and stated , “ whatever greatness we achieve - if we can see further than any others it is because we have stood on the shoulders of these giants.”



It is with great sadness that we mourned the passing of yet another caring and conscientious colleague, Ms B. Esau, who so unselfishly gave of her time and talent to brighten the lives of others. We welcome Ms Buys into the Afrikaans Department and wish her a happy and successful time with us. We bid  farewell to Ms Adonis in The Mathematics department who left to pursue her Masters Degree in education. We will miss her and wish her every success in her research in this crucial field.  In her position, we welcome back Mrs Yacoob who taught at Livingstone High for many years. We hope her return home is a sweet one. We also warmly welcome to our front of house, Ms Nkala who joins Ms Safodien. We sincerely hope that the new members of the Livingstone family will thoroughly enjoy their stay.


We thank Mr Adams, who served as the governing body  chairperson and wish Mr Saal success in his new role as chairperson. We welcome Mr M. Isaacs onto the governing body. We are also thankful for the service of  Mr Mackay who served as the teacher representative, and welcome Ms Nel as the new teacher representative. We are appreciative of Mr Goss’s service and look forward to Ms Safodien’s secretarial expertise.  



On 12 March 2019 a total of  50 learners of all grades wrote the first round of the South African National Mathematical Olympiad.  8 learners qualified for the second round. Yazeed Jacobs (12N) and Caleb Cox (11T) were the joint top students with 65% respectively. Riyaaz Bastra (10 P) was the top Grade 10 learner. Ismail Mosaval (9F) was the top Grade 9 learner and  Jesse Schrikker (8H) was the top Grade 8 learner. On  25 April 2019 at 19:00 , 55 students will write THE UCT MATHEMATICS COMPETITION. 


The HEAD PREFECTS FOR 2019 are Amahle Ncaza and Raadiyah Abrahams.The deputy head prefects are:Tatum Du Plessis, Aidan Poole, Basheerah Abdooroft .They are planning peer to peer tuition sessions, assemblies  and  school team building activities. We wish them a productive and successful year.


The following candidates were elected to serve on the  RCL in 2019:


GRADE 12 : Siyammkela Siboto  [CHAIRPERSON] 

                      Zaieba Dalvie [SECRETARY]

                      Thaahierah Jaftha

GRADE 11:Kulthum Hendricks [DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON]    

                     Migcobo Majali [TREASURER]  

                     Elrich Adams  

GRADE 10: Heinrich Hoffman

                  Rouxzanne van Rauenstein [ASSISTANT SECRETARY]

                  Musa Mayalo [ASSISTANT TREASURER]

GRADE 9: Khanyisa Mabungane

                  Thulisile Thompson

                  Erin v.d. Westhuizen

GRADE 8: Ivana Jacobs

                  Thato Mokhutle

                 Peyton Carney



We thank the RCL for the Valentine’s Day Programme, which was an entertaining showcasing of our school talent, of  lyrical singing, well choreographed dance and stirring poetry. Our MCs : Maahir Allie and Alex John were highly skilled and entertaining, and kept the audience riveted.




Lets GO ROBERTS lets GO…..Lets GO DUDLEY lets go ………lets GO CARLIER…lets GO

The Interhouse was a pivotal focus in the first term,

which created an opportunity for the school to select the best athletes for the interschools. For the teachers it was more than just preparing the students for competition, but also about  creating an electrifying  unifying spirit. The morale, camaraderie, team effort and motivation abundantly evident as the houses pitted muscle, mind and will against one another.  Roberts, won the competition followed by Dudley and Carlier in third place. We thank the team with Mr Antonels at the helm for the efficient organisation. 




Livingstone was up against tough competitive schools such as, Groenvlei, Garlandale, Bridgetown High.  We had a full squad of a 130 learners representing the school on the 18February 2019. We had a slow start to the day taking 7th position for the first points to date announcement.  To our disbelief,  Livingstone jumped  from7th to 2nd- 9 points behind leaders Bridgetown high. The Livingstonian competitive spirit soared . Before the relay, Livingstone was  leading by 10 points. Unfortunately in the relays and 200 meters Bridgetown had an edge over us. They won  by a mere six points.  This was a memorable day! Congratulations  to  Bridgetown High for winning the C-Section. 

Seven students qualified for  the zonal champs: Adain Poole, Ivan Jacobs, Saarah Jacobs, Amaarah Diedricks, Gorgio Rector, Imaad Imohid, Raees Kajee.

CRICKET RESULTS                                     

New challenges, new beginnings with new players in the under 15 team. 


LHS vs Herzlia

Herzlia elected to bat and scored a defendable score of 97 runs. LHS scored  89 runs.


LHS Vs Newlands Cricket school

LHS elected to bat and scored 103.With three Western Province batsmen, the experienced Newlands team beat LHS with 7 wickets in hand.


LHS vs Plumstead

With the highest total ever scored against LHS (214) it was a daunting task to win this match.

LHS scored 126 runs.


On the other hand the boys under 17 showed that their experience made a huge difference in the their results. They won all their matches!  Well done Livingstone.                                                                     

LHS vs Rylands High 

Rylands elected to bat and score 134.Livingstone won by six wickets in hand. 


LHS vs Jan Van Riebeeck                                                   

We won the toss and elected to field. We bowled them out for 98 runs and LHS won with 7 wickets in hand.


The Livingstone High School Hiking Club aims to encourage both staff and learners to connect with nature. They have already completed three hikes, exploring the many beautiful hiking trails in Cape Town. They also plan to attend an overnight hike during term 3. 



On Saturday 13th April, LHS Hiking Club walked from Green Point to Camps Bay while cleaning up the beaches. Everyone was shocked to see the amount of plastic and other forms of rubbish collected. Well done to all who attended!




  1. Parents must make appointments to see teachers. This must be at a convenient time for both teacher and parent. Teachers are engaged in a teaching programme and are not always available at short notice.
  2. Parents / Visitors MUST report to reception when coming onto the school’s premises during school time. This is to ensure the safety and security of all students and teachers.
  3. NO STUDENT may call a parent and request to be collected from school.  If this is done, it is to be assumed that the student used his/her cell phone which contravenes the cell phone policy. Any request to leave school must be done via the Office or the Class Teacher.